Business START Package - 299 €

You have an idea for your own business, but you have doubts?

- Is the idea good?
- I will invest time and money, but will I not be another failed?
- There are so many things I have to think about that I was completely mistaken.
- We just don't know where to start…

We can help you!

This package is suitable for new business initiatives that are in the process of clarifying the idea and preparing to start the business. Through it, we will help you properly structure your business idea from the beginning. We will analyze and evaluate the feasibility of the idea, the competition and whether there is a niche. We will identify business opportunities and challenges and identify the most effective behaviors you can implement. We will formulate together the mission, vision and goals of the business and will advise you on the budgeting of the initial investment and the preparation of an estimated budget for the activity. We will offer you a business plan that follows the set goals and outlines the important tasks and deadlines that lie ahead.

Business ANALYSIS Package - 399 €

- You have your own business, but you have difficulties and you do not know how to overcome them?
- The results you achieve are not completely satisfying to you and you always think you can do more?
- You realize that your business still has potential, but something stops you from realizing it?
- Engaged in day-to-day activity, you simply do not have time to look for reasons?
- Business administration takes so much time and energy that you have no time to think about creating new products and developing your business?
- The priorities, the next steps to take, are not clear?

We will familiarize you with the nature of your business, the workflows, the products and services you offer. On the basis of financial and product information, we will analyze the current situation, identify the strengths and weaknesses, as well as the opportunities that you and your business develop. We will give you the conclusions we have made and our suggestions for measures, next steps and ideas for improving the efficiency of your business.

Business Development Package - 899 €

- And now where?
- What are the prospects for development?
- Whether this will be satisfactory tomorrow?
- Do you see clearly where you want to go?
- Do you make effective use of the resources of your business, do you realize its strengths?
- Do you have a clear and specific vision and goals for the future of your business?
- What is the path for the next growing up?

We will help you make your in-depth business plan, outline steps towards the strategic goals you have set yourself. Together we will define business priorities and look for optimal options for sustaining sustainable development. We will offer you options for ongoing monitoring of your business plan progress, using customized analytical tables for monthly reporting of planned and achieved results, for monitoring financial indicators and trends.

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