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Brotli was first announced in 2015 by Google as a tool for better compression of fonts. It was then added to Google Chrome, Android, and Google Web Server (gws) in 2016, passing IETF standardization and received RFC 7932. After its standardization, support for it was added to Firefox, Opera and Edge. From iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra (10.13), Apple users already have Brotli.
Brotli can only be enabled for users whose sites are booted via a secure connection (HTTPS). Which, in fact, along with QUIC, is perhaps another reason to migrate to a secure SSL certificate link, so we can offer you HERE. Together with QUIC, Brotli helps sites with a secure connection to load faster. Especially with Brotli, the help is that the site's data volume is decreasing, with more heavy and loaded sites the volume can be measured in megabytes or even gigabytes a day.

Web Designs Ltd

We offer you integration of the service to your site only for 30€ per month as the technology is ONLY available to our customers!

If you want to take advantage of the service you need to be our client on our server and to contact us at sales@wdesigns.eu