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Everyone wants his website to be as fast as possible, we offer you technology that will make your site as fast as possible, no matter where the world is accessing! Introducing the latest CloudFlare Railgun technology. Railgun is the latest generation of CloudFlare technology that optimizes the performance of your site and provides you with a significant improvement in the time it is charging. The new Railgun technology is for the first time on the market!


Caching pages with static content is an easy task. But caching of dynamically generated content is a challenge! For dynamic content sites, about 65% of webpage elements are static and are cached by CloudFlare. This is most often the graphic elements of the site, photo materials, javascript and css. The remaining 35% of the resources can not be cached because they are dynamically generated ie. retrieved from a database or dependent on user behavior. Railgun accelerates the delivery to the end user of exactly 35% of the content. For this purpose, a caching mechanism is used that is based on a comparison of the web page over time and the discovery of parts of the web page that have been altered. For dynamic content sites, static page elements are initially cached, as is one of CloudFlare's core features. Railgun then provides a secure connection between CloudFlare's infrastructure and your hosting account, through which a link is then sent to quests only with the distinct parts of the site. This ensures caching of dynamic content. According to surveys conducted by CloudFlare, whatever degree of dynamics a webpage has, it only changes certain parts, but not the entire page. Railgun specifically locates these changed parts and sends information about the changed content to CloudFlare servers. In this way, it manages to cache dynamic content and increases the speed at which your site loads over 700% in certain situations.

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Railgun works by recognizing how often dynamic web pages are updated and based on the information received, builds the principle of caching the dynamic content of each website over a certain time period. CloudFlare experiments with a New York Times page, for example, found that the dynamic content of the site changed by about 0.6% every 5 minutes and by 3% every hour and the BBC page by 0.4% every 5 minutes and 2 % for one hour. This means that even with news sites that are some of the most dynamic and fast changing, there is no root change and dynamic content can be cached at certain times. What are the main advantages that Railgun gives you:

- caching static content
- caching dynamic content
- minimize the time your site is loading
- compressing the content in order to deliver it as quickly as possible to the end user
- make fewer requests to your server
- lower server load

CloudFlare Railgun can be used on any kind of web sites - news, news, online stores, blogs, and is especially suited for dynamic content sites. You can read full information about Railgun HERE

We offer you integration of the service to your site only for 83€ for 1 year for NEW customers and 220€ for 1 year for current customers!!!

The real cost of the service as you can see HERE is $200 per month or 2400$ for 1 year.

If you want to take advantage of the service you need to be our client on our server and to contact us at sales@wdesigns.eu