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Welcome to Web Designs Ltd.

Besides you can take advantage of our exclusive bids for Professional Web и Graphic design we already offer a franchise program with discounts of 10% to 30%. In case you want to refresh and enrich your services with one of ours, we will offer you price packages with a % fee from each of your customer deals. Anyone can offer our services as long as they want to make money. You can participate even if you do not have a company as an individual.


- you sign up as our partner (download THIS document, fill it out and send it to us sales@wdesigns.eu)
- you offer our services as you are willing to use our portfolio for our portfolio www.wdesigns.eu
- you connect with the customer, lead the whole communication and shape the deal after which we take over the design and maintenance of the project
- you assume and bear all responsibility for the request, communicate with the customer and give us support@wdesigns.eu everything.

- you HAVE NO right to take MONEY from your customers, ALL payments must have the specified data HERE. When registering as a franchise partner, you are submitting your bank account to which you will receive your commissions. Web Design Ltd. DOES NOT LIABILITY in similar circumstances and will refer and assist law enforcement to clarify the case!


Your commission is 10% to 30% depending on% sales and deals for the month / 3 months / 6 months / year. We take care of our partners and strive to help them as much as possible.

In case you bring a new franchisee your commission from your first deal is 30% for you and 10% for it. Then, ONLY the new Franchisee starts receiving the agreed% of us after finalizing and paying a deal.
For example: You are running a new Franchise Partner who will work just like you. He made his first deal for a Web site in pack ONLINE SHOP. For this transaction the amount of your commission is 30% you will receive it when the customer pays the transaction at 100% Everyone declared his desire to work as a Franchisee we receive from us an incentive start of 30% commission for all his transactions.


- In case of 6 months after your last deal you have not made another Franchiseer your commission falls on 20%.
- In case of 9 months after your last deal you have not made another Franchiseer your commission falls on 10%.
- In case of 12 months after your last deal you have not made another Franchiseer your commission falls on 5%.
- In case of 18 months after your last deal you have not done another Franchiseer your franchise registration is being taken away.

After canceled% commission the refund from the % commission you are currently making as for each new transaction you are added + 5%, ie. if you have reached a 10% commission and make 2 transactions in a row, we will charge you a commission of the first 10% and the second 10% then we will raise your commission after the second deal by 5%. If you make less than 6 months later, we will upload another + 5% and you will now receive 20%.