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What is Redesign on an existing site?

In plain language, Redesign is repairing, refreshing and improving your existing website and we will add to everything else:
- Improve the usability and performance of your site against predefined requirements that meet global web standards.
- Redesign to static promo page (s) presenting to your potential customers exactly what you are promoting, directing their attention to a specific action - purchase, call or registration.
- On Page (internal) SEO optimization and processing of existing code with HTML5, favorable for search engines and users.
- Clean your old website from bugs and viruses.

The price - it is individual and depends on what needs to be done on your old site.

Project - yes, that's the most important thing! Much depends on the extent to which it is "necessary" to repair your old site, because sometimes it turns out to be more expensive than making a new one! Yes! We have had many cases of such absurdity, but in the end the end result is what the client wanted.