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Welcome to Web Designs Ltd.

It has never been easier to start your own business or add more services in your company's portfolio. No initial fees and deposits, no costs for equipment and licenses. You don't have to be a professional to offer a Reseller the service. In addition, you can take advantage of our exceptional prices offers for Professional Web and Graphic Design we now also offer Reseller program with discounts up to 20%.

The profit potential as a Reseller is virtually endless. YOU get for each transaction from 10% to 20%. In practice, you are the relationship with the customer, you are looking for customers and you receive % of the final transaction amount when a user becomes our customer and pay your order. You don't have to have knowledge or yes you serve nothing on the client's website or documents but only offer it to him your services / us and bring it to us. If you have a store you can you brand an area of your choice with an advertising array made by us and so on you attract more customers.

In case you want to refresh and enrich the services you offer with one from ours, we will offer you price packages with% fee from each of your transactions with a client. Anyone can offer our services as long as they want to make money. You can participate even if you do not have a company, as an individual. We will not abandon you. We will be with you whenever you or your customers you need technical assistance. Our Friendly Geeks specialists daily help dozens of customers with various technical difficulties. You will also receive an account at where your profits will accumulate.

How to get up Reseller?

1. Write to us at We will look into it and contact you further.
2. If everything is fine and you are approved, we will create an account in, there you will see your code and all payments and customers.
3. We will send you what you need to get started, everything you need will be attended by our brand and your UNIQUE code. In order to win % of each transaction, everyone you attract must enter it with us or at least give it to the manager who is contacted to finalize the transaction, as the code gives him a 10% discount for what is requested with us and you earn 10% of the paid in the transaction amount.

*In Bulgaria, over 250 hairdressing salons, 86 car washes, 9 taxi companies, 26 grocery chains, 269 hotels, 5 fast food chains, 38 telecommunications operators, 4519 individuals have already done so. Don't wait, follow them now!

EXAMPLE: Car wash in Varna, where we have submitted a code and an advertising box for a business card type coupon. For each paid service over BGN 60, they give away the coupon with the client's code. He, taking advantage of our service with him receives a 10% discount with us and automatically generates 10% profit from the amount. After passing 100+ clients, they start earning 15%, after 200+ clients 20%, etc. The maximum profit is 20%.

Here are some "living" examples: (((LINK 1))) (((LINK 2))) (((LINK 3)))