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Every day the Internet becomes an increasingly important part of our everyday life. We communicate online, shop online, pay our bills online. We spend most of our time on the Internet, working or having fun there, using various web-based applications, social networks and e-mail, e-banking, and so on.

In order to carry out these activities, we also increasingly need to provide online confidential information to certain websites. That is why we are inevitably beginning to ask ourselves questions related to the security of information:

Is it possible that the information that I enter goes to someone who is not authorized and used in a criminal way?
Are I Really On The Right Web Site? Are my data protected??

Consumer trust and security are necessary for our online existence. Whether we are a physical person or a company, it is important to take care of protecting our users, just as we would take care of our home or business.

In order to solve the problems that could threaten the secure transmission of confidential information on the Internet, different cryptographic protocols have been created. The most common of these is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and its more advanced TLS (Transport Layer Security).

One of the most common applications of these protocols is in web browsers, using HTTPS or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. When a user accesses a website through HTTPS, an encrypted connection is provided between the web server (site) and the user's browser.

Secure Sockets Layer or SSL is a dedicated Internet protocol that creates an encrypted channel for communication between the web server and the browser. It protects the transmission of data on the Internet from malicious interference. Each SSL certificate consists of a public key and a private key. With their help, secure session keys are created for each connection. This happens thanks to the so-called "handshake," in which a random number generated by the client is encrypted with the public key. The private key on the server alone can decipher this number by which the session keys are created. Ultimately, the browser automatically acknowledges that the publisher of the certificate is recognized. Calling certified sites is used https://.

SSL certificate Comodo Essential Wildcard

SSL certificate Comodo Essential Wildcard

400 BGN 205 EUR 246 USD

For online platforms that operate through a large number of subdomains. An optimized SSL certificate valid for an unlimited number of subdomains, including the subdomain www. Domain control is only valid. Simplified issuance procedure. SSL certificates earn trust and provide users of your site with security and peace of mind when introducing confidential information. The SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol provides an encrypted connection between the server (web site) and the client browser, thus protecting the exchange information from unauthorized interception. SSL certificate encryption is highly recommended for all online platforms and e-shops where users enter personal data and / or make online payments.