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Web and Email security and protection

Solutions that enhance security and guarantee the quality of e-mail service are email security and web security:

Reduce the risks of using the Internet through built-in protection from a variety of threats - preventing data loss, reducing messaging risk, malicious emails, advanced anti-malware and anti-virus solutions. Increase staff efficiency by reducing unnecessary messages and focusing on business information and data. Enhance web traffic security - the likelihood of a malicious code being placed on a website or web application is getting bigger, and hence the hacking of an endpoint in your organization is infected.

In the area we offer:

- Analyze and filter network traffic in real time
- Using a publicly accessible reputable base of programs
- Blocking for atypical program actions
- Limit the resource of executable programs
- Centralized management
- Opportunities to set specific policies and rules

Who and when should use such protection?

In today's world everyone is connected to the global network in one way or another. The Internet is the primary site for communication and data exchange, and we are thus exposed to various kinds of attacks. Anyone who wants to introduce data safety and security when working on the Internet must protect their desktop and mobile devices. This can be done with the use of modern antivirus solutions that intelligently help in the fight against theft and loss of data. We will help you with both consulting and analyzing your current needs, as well as designing and deploying antivirus solutions from small to medium and large businesses. This will give you peace of mind and help protect your data through:

- Block any suspicious or unwanted programs
- Safe work on electronic payments
- Protect mobile devices (phones and tablets)

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