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Web site support

What is a website maintenance, why do you need website support as an additional web design service?

Web site support - this is a multi-directional help for the web site he needs:

– updating the information
- locating the site on a secure server
– search engine optimization, and so on.

In short, a number of tools through which the web site can contribute as much as possible to the customer's bins. Have you decided to have a website? Or maybe you already have a website that needs refresh or maintenance? According to us, we need not only to update the information on the web site, but also to monitor its web counters, to look carefully at where and why its visits come (or do not come), to observe exactly which queries to the search engines / search engines, visitors come to the website.

What are the benefits to you from the Website Support service?

If you have a site, you are a potential target for hackers. With subscription support with us, you avoid the dangers. We will have the care!

Regular renewal and less technical problems

We take care of the technical site and servers. With regular technical upgrades, the risk of collapses or successful hacker attacks has decreased almost to 0%.

Without incomprehensible expressions:

Experts in each area have their own jargon. We communicate to you with technical persons instead of you, and we speak with you in plain language.

Protection from unfair employees and competitors:

We investigate the IP addresses that often visit your site, as often not all regular visitors are well-intentioned.
We install additional site protection as needed. By strictly distributing roles, we filter people with access to certain information when they are stored on the web site. We keep your valuable information from third party access! Web sites are a software-based machine. The software engine, like any other, needs support, and web sites need maintenance to be up-to-date and technically sophisticated and seamlessly working. Even the most accurate machine needs management, with web sites it's content management.

Many people when reading the name of a Content Management System think they are "ready" to run on their own, but then they are persuaded that it is not so.

Website maintenance costs depend on volume of tasks, quantity discounts, discounts for regular customers, and more. The cost of technical support for a site varies according to the volume of processed information per month. See what our security partners say www.centio.bg on the issue...

Well-maintained site is like a well arranged home!
Makes a good impression on the guests and gives comfort to his owners!
/E. Han/