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Web Designs Ltd. has a team behind it that has been operating since 2014. to date in the field of web and graphic design, advertising, retail, logistics and e-commerce ... We have many years of experience and expertise in the development of Online stores, Business management systems, Reservation systems, Micro-credit platforms, Systems in education, Systems of e-government, Self-learning systems with adaptive character, Automated systems for financial analysis, Corporate access management systems and others.

Our customer database now has more than 20,000 web sites and over 400,000 other projects, customers in over 70 countries who have trusted us in the years since 2014. until now and continue to trust us today and for us are the biggest prize and proof of well-done work and correctly executed orders.

We are the only Web company that offers 24/7/365 day support to its clients as well professional support and protection of each project by teams in Bulgaria, Sacramento (California), Chicago, Japan and Deutschland. Every project is made by teams of programmers, web designers and graphic designers individually for each client, just as he wants it.

During the operation, the client gets access to a specific directory of the real-time server on the project where he can monitor everything and signal the need for any adjustments or additions to our support@wdesigns.eu where everything will be handed over to our IT departments as soon as possible.

All orders and payments are taken online and are made by bank transfer, orders by phone are NOT accepted. On our web site www.wdesigns.eu you can look at all the services we offer, and if you are a big company we have a dedicated platform www.corp.wdesigns.eu and email corp@wdesigns.eu.

In the 21st century, it is a frivolous client to demand a mandatory personal appointment with our associate, we have developed a system that meets 100% of our needs and the interests of our clients. This system ensures fast and secure peer-to-peer communication where the job, on-the-job communication, documents and payments go online which saves time and money both for us and for you.

If you think you can trust, we look forward to you with the greatest pleasure.

Web Designs Ltd in different offices ... inside 😉

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