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Graphic design

We can offer you a graphic design/preprint preparation:

- The logo is the face of your company, it distinguishes you from others and creates the image of the company or product. It is extremely important to be professionally done and to bring a message.

- The flyer aims to announce an event and select users. Here again, the vision needs to be attractive, to attract the attention of a person, to synthesize important information and to bring a message to the consumer. An important role in attracting attention is played by specific fonts, bright colors and interesting symbols. To give a luxurious and attractive look to your flyer, we can offer you a design to impress the recipient.

- Labels and packages are the face of your product. To be distinguished from others, they need to be attractive, effective and give accurate product information. The material from which it will be made is also not to be underestimated, as it completes the overall impression in the customer.

- Brochures, prospectuses and catalogs are an important part of the good performance of your company, product or service. They are the most representative advertising product possible that can easily attract the interest of your potential customers. It may contain any information - product types, prices, pictures, samples, information, etc. With appropriate design and professional craftsmanship, the catalog can attract customers for a long time, as it is a product that customers keep.

- Corporate design combines all the important components of your business correspondence: business card, letterhead, folder, envelope, CD and CD pocket. Through them, you build your distinctive style and help you quickly and easily recognize your brand. See more here

- Calendars are a seasonal advertising product that has an all year round effect. By giving one to your clients, you first earn their sympathy and second year you remind yourself.

- The poster is a temporary ad material intended to inform about an event, new activity, a lower price, and more. He must have an attractive design to be able to distinguish himself/herself for the rest of his/her short usage time. We offer design and production of all types of standard and non-standard posters.

- The Transparant can be used for both outdoor and indoor advertising. In most cases, it has a large format and is placed in such a place as to attract as many views as possible. He again aims to inform and announce something new that requires an attractive vision. Transparans can be made from different types of media, depending on where they will be placed.

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