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No matter who you will choose, we will do FREE for you:

Domain and hosting configuration

Creating and Configuring a Database

Installing and configuring the system

Create a professional graphic logo and design

Configure mail accounts and boxes

+0 hosting for the first year of packages:
For all our customers (NOT requiring special support) from 01.2018 we now offer 24/7 maintenance 365/24/7 FREE!

Customers for us:

 Advertising Agency Chris Design Rousse

We have chosen Web Designs Ltd as our trusted partner because of their rich experience and the innovative web solutions they offer. Due to the specifics of our activity and the services we offer in the field of advertising, they are the partner we have chosen for the web needs of our clients as well. We are proud to recommend it to anyone who needs a standard or specific web solution.
 Dr. Nadezhda Ivanova - Specialist obstetrician gynecologist

The products and services offered by Web Designs Ltd are good and easy to access. They have made for me a clean, fast and elegant website crafted to perfection. The team is highly qualified and responsive. We always get a professional attitude based on high professionals.
 Siberian Health - Corporate Representation Rousse

So far i have been fortunate to work for quite years with Web Design Ltd. and am very pleased with the prompt and professional service. Web Designs Ltd. strives to always be in step with the latest technology and take great care of the customer. For my joy, they provide me with full service to the business - from advertising to web design, support and optimization of my web trading site. They are easy and enjoyable. I recommend hot - guaranteed you will not regret it. With great thanks to the Web Design Director of EOOD and to the entire team for support and support in the development of our web presence.
 Biosa Ltd

BIOSA Ltd. hereby expresses its gratitude and gratitude for the cooperation with its partners from WEB DESIGNS LTD, concerning the production and maintenance of our company site. We are very pleased with the services we offer and hope for years of cooperation. WEB DESIGNS team is always responsive, correct and ready to answer every customer request and desire. We are pleased to recommend their professionalism to colleagues and partners. We wish WEB DESIGNS EOOD to more customers and many new successes and awards!

With Web Design Ltd, we have a very fruitful collaboration. We are extremely pleased with the services we offer. With high professionalism and courtesy we help us in our work. Correct, friendly, precise, outstanding professionals in fulfilling our assignments. We are convinced that our common path will continue in the future. What more does a person need to be sure that the face of the work in the DG "Radost" is in safe hands. We recommend Web Designs to all colleagues and friends!
 Stefan Mateev Photography

Very good service. Professional performance of services. Additional support can be relied upon.
 Radio Rila Folk

I cordially thank the team of Web Designs Ltd for giving us a hand in a difficult time and doing it in the best possible way! I am very impressed with their professionalism and creativity with which they work and no doubt we would recommend them as the best and most correct partner! Thank you Web Design Without you, we would not be what we are!!!
 Civil TRIBUNA RUSE Municipality

With this reference, we at CIVIL TRIBUNAT RUSE Municipality would like to share our satisfaction and appreciation for the work and professionalism of Web Designs Ltd., with which we have been working since 2017. we continue to use their services to this day. Thanks to their individual approach and detailed study of our needs, they have done their tasks excellently. Webdesign EOOD has built a new vision of our site, respecting all agreed terms and requirements. The patience and creativity, the functionality of our site and the convenient interface make it easier for us to work and contribute to our good performance on the web. We continue to rely on their technical support to optimize our site. We recommend Web Designs EOOD as the right partner to rely on for generating good web solutions, controlling the content and security of your information.
 Dental Clinic Dr. Deyan Slavov

Great thanks to the Web Design Ltd Manager and his whole team. It is a pleasure to work with professionals. Excellent service.
 Plain and Be EOOD

The team of Plain & Be Ltd. works with Web Design Ltd. for more than 7 years. We are extremely pleased with their services. We can say that they are the best in what they do. What we have gained from working with the team of Web Designs EOOD are: honest, responsive, kind and dedicated employees with high professionalism and knowledge in their field. Our team has no doubt that our joint work with Web Designs Ltd will continue for the future. We sincerely recommend Web Designs to all our clients and friends!

Web Designs responded to our needs two years ago. They did it accurately and professionally, and since then, our overall web support has been minimal and without any unnecessary commitment. We are very pleased. Thank you for your efforts. It would be great if everyone did their job like you.
 Auto Fresh

We are very grateful to the team of Web Designs Ltd, which in extremely important moments react very professionally and expeditiously. We are glad to work with you because we have a real partner in your face that we can trust.
 Opticians Radians

With this reference we would like to express our satisfaction with the collaboration with Web Design Ltd. for more than two years. We are extremely pleased with the high professionalism in every situation and the competent approach to our website during these years.
 Titan EOOD

With this reference, TITAN Ltd. expresses its gratitude to Web Designs. During our meetings, our ideas were carefully listened to both the functionality and the vision of the site. We have had the opportunity to convince ourselves of the professional attitude towards the job and the exact consideration of our expectations.
 Ralitsa Rousse

We are extremely pleased with our collaboration with Web Designs Ltd. In your face we have a partner that we can always trust. You perform the job professionally and we rely on your competent technical assistance, support and beautiful layout. We hope our teamwork will continue in the future.
 Family Hotel STOP Primorsko

We are extremely pleased with our partnership with Web Designs Ltd. For us, the ambitious and creative team of young people working in the company is a partner who has proven over the years that he deserves trust and brings the started to a successful end. Web Design Ltd is one of the few companies that understand the complex business matter and not just visualize different concepts, but build with us our overall corporate identity.
 Pet shop Aqua Terra Zoo

Web Design Ltd. is undoubtedly the best partner I've had for over 11 years of online experience with professional and amateur projects from all over the world. Even if I want to, I can not force myself to say a bad word for the simple reason that they have always been perfect in every respect. They always justify my trust and in my face they have won a client who will be with them to the very end.
 New Era Ruse Advertising Agency

With Web Design Ltd, we have a very fruitful collaboration. We are extremely pleased with the services we offer with high professionalism and courtesy. We are convinced that our common path will continue in the future... Correct, friendly, exclusive professionals... What more does a person need to make sure his business is in safe hands. We recommend Web Designs to all our clients and friends!
 Elite NIKOLOV Klima

We have chosen Web Designs Ltd as our trusted partner because of their rich experience and the innovative technological solutions they offer. Due to the specifics of our business and the products we offer, they are the partner we chose for our customers as well. We proudly recommend it to everyone!
 Pet shop ZOO LUX

For the first time in our life, we meet a company that cares about how well the customer can be, how it can continue to work, and you provide it to us 100%. The team of Web Designs Ltd. are people dedicated and dedicated to their work, wonderful partners and unrivaled professionals. We would only rely on them in our future projects. We strongly recommend the company as a reliable, responsible, highly-innovative business partner.
 Omega OOD

This reference is issued to Web Design Ltd as a positive assessment of the overall performance as our supplier. Over the years, they have proven to be true professionals in every aspect of our business relationship.
 Dr. Rositsa Bachvarova - Allergologist specialist

With this reference, we express our gratitude to the team of Web Designs Ltd. for the professionalism and the skills for their work with specific requirements. With the team of Web Design Ltd. we have been working since 2010. From the beginning to today we receive from the team of Web Designs Ltd. an extremely professional and competent cooperation in our joint work. The experience gained and the results achieved are a guarantee that Web Design Ltd deserves the trust of its future clients.
 Domestic and International Cargo Rousse - Bucharest

Web Designs Ltd have developed an effective and stylish website that brings us to the online environments. Implementation of mobile solutions has improved work efficiency, accurate accountability and fast customer service. And most importantly through these systems our company saves valuable time and valuable financial resources. And my colleagues from flour, I would advise: Take advantage of the opportunities that Web Designs Ltd.!
 Suggestopedia in Rousse - Learn English with us

The Web Designs Ltd team has made us feel not as the next customer but as an equal partner to make a successful business...
 Dr. Lilyana Yordanova - Specialist obstetrician gynecologist in Rousse

I always wanted a web site, but I did not expect to get so elegant and enjoyable. Thanks to Web Designs for fresh ideas, lightning, night work ... Partnership I appreciate you highly and I will recommend for the future...


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