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UNIQUE PACKAGE [order code:10 000]

PACKET PRICE without maintenance contract: 10 000 BGN 5113 EUR 6387 USD

PRICE with maintenance contract above 1 and under 3 years: 9000 BGN 4602 EUR 5736 USD

PRICE with a maintenance contract of 3 and under 5 years: 8000 BGN 4091 EUR 5099 USD

PRICE with maintenance contract over 5 years: 6000 BGN 3068 EUR 3824 USD


With this package we turn the "different" and "odd" for some into reality and the dream come true for you. This package is designed for the innovative ideas of our customers. If you want YES to go beyond the boundaries of a common standard, this package is for you - a unique, eye-catching Design made to your ideas and dreams. Each company needs a professionally implemented and maintained web project that YES presents to its customers in all its glamor. We can YES offer you all this and much more...

Individual graphic designer: YES charge 50BGN, USD, EURO/1 hour FREE

Handwritten code: YES, programming and stylization of 6 programming languages

Hosting: NOT included in this package, paid separately [select a bundle of HERE]

Domain: NOT included in this package, paid separately [select a bundle of [select a domain from HERE]

Number of pages: UNLIMITED

Support: YES, 30BGN,USD,EURO/month

Languages: Bulgarian, English, each extra is paid separately +150BGN, USD, EURO

Contact form: YES

Time for production: UNLIMITED

Advertising in social media: is included in this package FREE

SEO optimization: included 6 months in this package FREE [1200BGN, USD, EURO/1 year]

Registration in search engines: is included in this package FREE [60BGN, USD, EURO]

SSL certificate: included in this package [400BGN, USD, EURO/1 year]

Design: UNIQUE, CLEAR, CREATIVE, according to your preferences

Admin panel: NO, the site is written manually and uniquely and is maintained by our teams around the clock!

24-hour site surveillance: YES

24/7 site protection: YES

Logo and graphics: included са in this package FREE

Plagiarism protected code: YES

"Go back" button: YES

No matter who packet you will choose, we will do FREE for you:

Domain and hosting configuration

Creating and Configuring a Database

Installing and configuring the system

Create a professional graphic logo and design

Configure mail accounts and boxes

+0$ hosting for the first year of packages: Online store, Corporate, Standard, Business, Unique
For all our customers (NOT requiring special support) from 01.2018 we now offer 24/7 maintenance 365/24/7 FREE!