⚠️ WebPoints НIS a currency and cannot be exchanged for real money or resold to third parties.
⚠️ WebPoints is a unit of Web Designs Ltd protected by its Copyright and Related Rights Act!
⚠️ WebPoints issued for payment of an amount will NOT be issued with a Invoice but a Stock Receipt to verify payment.

😀 WebPoints can be used for all services of the company WITHOUT:
- hiring new ones right now
- for services and products in promotion

💡 To be able to pay with WebPoints, they need to be enough or more than the cost of your account!
💡 You need to be logged in with your WebPoints account to pay my.wdesigns.eu

💬 For each paid 10 € you get 1 WebPoints. For payment with WebPoints for every 10 € account you need 100 WebPoints.

🔔 Dear clients, if you have the necessary WebPoints to convert your account and wish to pay with them please email us at 📧 sales@wdesigns.eu to assist you.